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Malware (virus) shame all round

Shame on Symbian Freak for even giving column inches to Kaspersky Lab's latest 'report' on Mobile Malware, though at least S-F has the sense to add a one-line rider in the form of an image caption. 'Highlights' of the report include the mesmerizingly misinformed "Data shows that the number and scale of mobile worm outbreaks is rapidly increasing" and "Today's mobile viruses can do very much the same things as (desktop) computer viruses". Eh? The same? Worms? Utter madness. Just say no.

Read on in the full article.

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Ah Steve, its just material for weekend reading, nothing especially actually, you see virus scene always looks a bit different from the Antivirus soft developers stand point, they always pump tensions to force users to use their solutions, nothing new here.

My opinion about viruses on S60 platform is very well known, quote from the article: “In my personal opinion; Phone users have to do a lot wrong to be hit by a virus”

I didn’t even use antivirus on 2nd ed phones, not at all, its wasting for phone resources, especially RAM and we all know how bad is situation with RAM on series 60 devices is (OT: Truly hope that N95 with 65 MB of build RAM will fix it, of course considering that at least 40 MB of free RAM will remain after boot for user needs) and on 3rd ed it is completely useless, 3rd ed is very well protected nowadays, even toooooo much for my personal taste :/

Have a nice weekend,

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I've heard several computer network professionals say that even PC security programs are overhyped, that if you configure XP correctly (not the official way though) and keep it up to date you don't really need a firewall.

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Yes, I was just wondering why you weren't commenting on it a bit more!

My opinions on S60 'viruses' haven't changed for years either - see

And, despite my challenge to a-v vendors that I'd stand in a room with a virgin smartphone of their choice and leave myself (and the device) open to anything they cared to fire at me, not a single company has ever taken me up. Because, unlike unprotected Windows, Symbian OS is completely secure.

And even if a 'stupid' user decided to accept an incoming transmission AND have installation of unsigned apps turned on AND decide to install it AND decide to agree to the various warning screens and thus get 'infected', it would only spread as far as the next stupid user.

Just install apps only from known sources, avoid warez and treat incoming beams with suspicion and you have nothing to fear. And, with no 'anti-virus' software running, you'll have more RAM and a faster smartphone.

Steve Litchfield
Steve Litchfield, Admin, AAS

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Yeah I know, but I was simply to lazy and after all it isn’t my story and believe me or not I didn’t even read it completely, its weekend my friend, I’m with my girlfriend, and she really, really don’t like my net activity especially during weekends and if she catch me online even for moment it could be deadly dangerous for me ;o))))))

Now serious, for me personally, s60 viruses, actually whole stories about mobile viruses is still a joke, pretty ridiculous joke, you really, really have to do lot of wrong and stupid mistakes in series to get infected and that’s all I have to say about. OK, huge warez scene is huge problem it produce lot of fake or buggy applications and untrusted installation packages, but simple checking of installation files with some sis manager is more than enough to avoid infection.

CU all


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Fully agree that mobile viruses are hyped in order to sell a product (mobile anti virus software) that's today pretty much useless and also not quite mature. However, it's still a good thing that it's discussed and that the public get aware of and prepare their minds to what's coming. Fear will perhaps save the 'stupid' from the doom of natural selection.

I don't buy the argument that Symbian is this fortress that can't be touched and that we shouldn't worry about it. We have to realize that these threats more often will be coupled with social engineering, and at that point some real time scanning software is the only thing that will save our butts.

I feel there will also be a dramatic future change in user behaviour, as mobile devices become more PC-like. As we all know with x-mas mail attachments, funny web pages, exciting new screen savers and cute puppy powerpoint slides, even the competent become rather 'dumb' and gullable.

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>>x-mas mail attachments, funny web pages, exciting new screen savers and cute puppy powerpoint slides

Ah yes. A good list of all the rubbish emails that every sensible person deletes on sight! 8-)

The warez scene is a good (or should that be bad) example of how social influences affect security, agreed. As in the PC world though, if anyone strays into the murky world of warez then they usually realise that they deserve any trojans they end up getting.....

Steve Litchfield, Admin, AAS

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Regarding to warez:

Beside that, the huge and growing warez scene cause noticeable slow down in application and games developing and Iím not saying that just like that; Iím in daily contact with almost all reliable developers and symbian developing going under serious crises. Many good applications were stopped from continued improving and supporting because everyone is downloading illegal copies and hard developing work becomes worthless.

So in conclusion at least buy the apps or games that you really, really like it and if you can afford it of course. Iím doing the same by supporting developers and offering my help on improving and testing application! This is just advice for all of you if you want to see cool software in future.

Full article right here




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