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Unhappy Charging Issue with Samsung G810

Good Day All,

About 2 months ago i purchased a brand new Samsung G810. From that time till about 2 days ago the phone has been working fine. As of 2 days ago i noticed that it wasn't charging at all. Till even now i experience the mentioned issue with my USB Charger (in my pc) as well as the one that plugs directly into the wall socket. Since i occassionally got it charging for about 10 - 15 minutes, then it stopped and the phone batter ran down again. Till now (2 days later) my phone battery is dead. I've already submitted a post to samsung and havent gotten any response. Has anyone else experienced any similar issues? (PS i was told that a Nokia 1600 battery will work in it by a friend, "if push comes to shove" ..and i hope it doesnt (in the event my phone no longer is capable of charging the battery) i may end up purchasing a Nokia 1600 and have it charing the battery / swapping batteries between the two phones (atleast so i can use it).

-- I noticed in the Nokia 95 thread there is a similar issue.

Any thoughts or ideas would be really appreciated.
Feel free to respond to this post, or even send me an email to: ecko4real'at'gmail'dot'com.

Seeing as how NOBODY could lend a helping matter on the subject (which was almost 2 years ago) I'll shed a little light on the work-around I eventually ended up coming across.

Go on ebay(if you find it elsewhere great, i found them on ebay), do a search for "Samsung G810 Battery Charger" and select one from the list of results that ships to YOUR location.

If you check the attached image its an idea of what it should look like from on-top (where your battery goes in) and below (which plugs into the outlet).

NOTE: With this method, you have to take your battery out of the phone, and place it[the battery] in the charger. You could always buy a second battery so your phone is not off for the 3-4 hours (estimated) that it takes to charge. When fully charged the color of the light on the charger changes. Red symbolizes charging, yellow/orange~ish means its almost fully charged. Green signifies that it is fully charged (or that there's no battery attached at all).

I suppose its only if the battery charger actually has a light on it, the image I'm showing above doesn't seem to have it (I took the pic from one of the search results, since it showed the charger from above and below)

Additionally, since your phone is not charging via power cord or usb cable it'd be a waste of time to try plugging the USB cable from the charger to your phone.

This is just a sample search I did on ebay for it to help get the ball rolling...

P.S: A spare battery costs next to nothing, at $4 - $5 USD it's generally a good thing to have. The cause of the issue seems to be that the point where you plug in the cable has lost its proper seating to the board for the phone. I suppose it could be re-soldered on, however the exact method I dont know AND AS SUCH will not recommend.

With that said, hope it helps.

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