All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Robustness: the Forgotten Factor

AAS's month of trying to destroy Nokia smartphones concludes with me taking an unscheduled fall and hurting myself rather nastily. An N82 helped break my fall, yet still works perfectly. After Rafe's attempts to drown an N95 8GB and an E71, how much more do we have to do to break one of these things? Summing up, I reckon that robustness is a factor often forgotten by other gadget blogs and reviewers.

Read on in the full article.

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While it's interesting to hear that your N82 survived the abuse, I think it's a bit of a stretch to try to grade other phones in order of their "apparent" robustness, without any hard evidence to back this up...

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Well, in the case of almost all the devices mentioned, I've either owned them or had them to play with for long periods, so I know the hardware well. And I do have a decent degree in Physics, ten years of industrial engineering and almost 30 years as an adult of 'breaking stuff'.

So, although the above are my opinions, hopefully they're informed ones... 8-)
Steve Litchfield, Admin, AAS

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where would N85 fit in your list?

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I know of an A1000 that survived falling off a car roof at 60 kph. A few months later, the same phone survived a dip in a spa. A rapid pull apart, followed by some hair dryer treatment, it was all good.

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A friend of mine had his iPhone screen crack whilst it was just in his pocket against a few other items. It seems there's a weak point where the ear-hole is cut into the glass, and this allowed cracks to develop from there (a bit like the windows in the old De Havilland Comet plane were square; modern aircraft windows are round to avoid stress points). Apple wanted £180 to replace the glass!!!

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I agree with Buster...experience, degrees and expectations will not necessarily reflect the reality. Personally, hitting the phone with your shoe and checking the results would have been more scientific than your "impressions" ;-) sorry

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As far as I know there was only one Nokia phone that had a commerical in which a truck drove over it and it survived flawless. In still own it. Though Casio nowadays builts models which have Mil-spec .

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Well, I'm sure many of the reviewers (I include myself) aren't willing to test robustness with their own devices! Sadly, many of them only copy press releases and what they read on other blogs, only a few made the complete homework.

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That's fair enough. I just think it's not entirely reasonable to "guess" how robust a particular model may be, based on nothing more than a hunch!!

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my e71 is quite fragile. it dropped 1 metre onto carpet and keyboard popped out so that keys on the left side stopped working. it popped back in and i'm now supercareful with it.

ny oldl n70 on the other hand... my boss was showing me a rugged windows pda. he dropped it 1 metre on to the same carpet and the battery worked lose so it wouldn't turn on. had to be opened with a screwdriver and reconnected. to compare i threw my n70 at the ceiling tiles. knocked one out and let it fall 3 meters and bounce of the floor. worked perfectly. it was a tank of a phone that i only recently gave away to a new home.

i'd prefer the tank approach to the super fragile one. but there is a cost in the size of the device. the e71 packs in more in a space about the same as a n70. it'd be nice to have the option though.

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e51 - seems to be fragile

One minute of heavy rain rendered it completely unusable. The phone was in my pocket inside of a krusell case. I paid 70 euros for the replacement of the motherboard. Probably Nokia should mention that the phone is meant for indoor use.

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can we get a full face picture of the N82? I'm having trouble visualizing where/how the cracks ended up where they are.

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The Nokia 6120 I have seems to be a very robust design, dropped all over the place and apart from a few minor scratches and the battery door flying off it survived all sorts of abuse. But the iphone I have seems very fragile and wonder if it will last to the end of the 18 month contract! Brilliant usability but always careful not to drop it anywhere, the glass screen is known to crack if dropped at a certain angle, the rear will scratch as soon as its out of the box, the screen sinks into the front bezel, also had dust appearing behind the glass. Now on second phone due to these and poor 3G reception. All known iphone issues...

All my previous candybar style phones appeared to be more robust compared to previous smartphones (be it apple, windows, palm or symbian) that used large screens or where additional mechnical design such as slide keyboards were used.

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What about the E51 - tough as nails with more features than 6120c (have both, love 'em both. My old N80 seems pretty indestructible too.


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