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Switching from a PalmOS Treo to E61i

Why you may ask? Well, for one, I just happen to have an E61i here to switch to, and I'm slowly feeling that the end is nigh for anything PalmOS (although the promise of a Linux based Palm compatible with PalmOS apps still keeps me holding on). I've used Palm devices for close to 10 years though, so it's a hard switch.

I've tried Blackberries three times over the past 7 years, each time giving the device about a 2 week period before I just give up and go back to my Treo. On one such instance I had to PURCHASE a new Treo to do so, because my Treo died after I received a BB for testing, and I took it as a "sign" - alas, it was only a sign that I needed to purchase a new Treo

I will say that my first week with the E61i has been mostly favorable, but I get the feeling I will need to replace a lot of my longstanding Treo apps, and even buy some apps that duplicate basic Treo functionality. So, I'm hoping that some other Treo users who have switched over can help me find decent replacements for everything. I'll list what I use on the Treo, and what I've found so far, and if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

1. Agendus Pro - <sigh> - it seems like people are clamoring for this one, but Iambic hasn't come through yet. I'm trying both AquaCalendar and Papyrus. I haven't decided which works best for me yet. They are similar and yet rather different. If anyone has any personal experiences here to help out that would be great!

2. In addition to the calendar programs, I'm testing SnoozeIt! to try to get the Agendus alarm snooze functonality. I'm struggling with learning the "new" way to do this, but I imagine it will eventually make sense to me.

3. Documents to Go - I haven't really tested it yet, but I'm assuming that QuickOffice will handle most of this? Along with the Acrobat reader that's on the phone?

4. KeyCaps600 - this is a program that allows you to automatically capitalize letters simply by holding the key down a bit longer. I really miss this, and I wish there was a way to do something like this on the E61i. Is there anything out there that does this?

5. Auto-correct? Is there such a thing? I will admit first off that I haven't updated the firmware on my E61i (my daughter was "testing" it for a few months, and the sync cable seemed to have disappeared - I have one on order). But my sense is that the "predictive text" that is promised in the firmware upgrade might be more than what I want. I really just want some thing that will change i to I, dont to don't, etc. I'm not sure that I really need (or really even want) full-blown predictive text. I tried Quickwrite for all of 1/2 a day and was pulling my hair out! Plus it seemed to crash the phone a couple of times. I did also have a program on my Treo called Textras that allowed one to define personal "auto-correct" type of combos, like gg for <g> and the like - and so it would be good to have auto-correct AND the ability to add your own words!

6. Intelliswim - alas I fear this one is a hopeless cause! Guess I'll keep taking the Treo to my son's Swim Meets!

7. Threaded SMS. I see there is an app, but it has no demo version - anyone using it? Does it work?

8. VNC - I see a number of VNC options when I google, but no idea which would be best. I use VNC for a couple of my customers, so, if anyone has a favorite . . . .

9. ssh - I've installed Putty. My guess it is will be just fine.

10. telnet - I saw some threads even on these forums that suggest that putty should actually just do plain old telnet, but I've not figured out how. Sometimes I just simply need to test to see if a client's SMTP server is responding, and a simple telnet program would be the best.

11. Slingplayer - while some folks are getting it to work, it's not actually a supported phone I guess - will have to just test it - anyone else have any good/bad/ugly experiences about that?

12. USB Modem - honestly haven't even looked at this one. Can the E61i be used as a modem for a PC?

13. VFSBackup - is there a backup program that will backup the entire phone to the SD card? I haven't hotsynched my Treo in years. All of my PIM data is in my corporate email system always backed up, and I just use VFSBackup to backup "other stuff" from the phone before I need to do a hard reset, etc.

14. Yanoff+ - this is an NNTP program. Is there such a beast (NNTP) for the E61i? The only program I found in Google seems to have "gone missing".

15. Dialing - I have installed SkyeQuiKey, and it's wonderful. I'm disappointed that it only has a 1 day trial period, because it will probably take me at least two weeks to convince myself that I'm not going to throw this phone back in the "electronics" box in the closet. Most of the other apps I'm trying have a 7 - 14 day trial, and hopefully I will be able to decide by then whether I can live without my Treo!

In addition, GoogleMaps is now on the E61i (although it doesn't seem to be able to grab addresses directory from the contacts like the Palm version, but it DOES have the My Location function that the Palm version does not). The Intellisync Mobile Suite Client is working fine. IM+ seems to work as well if not better than on the Palm. I also have PocketTunes on the Palm, but haven't used it in years, and recently got an iPod Touch, so I really don't see a huge need for a music program. I also have a number of different ebook readers, and my guess is that for the amount of time I spend reading on my phone (not that much), I'll eventually find solutions for this.

Whew - I guess sometimes I forget just how much I DO on my Palm. The one thing I'm sure will take years to get over is the lack of a touch screen, but if I can get the rest of the "apps" to work for me, I can probably learn to live (sadly) without my Treo.

Thank for any advice/suggestions!



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