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Originally Posted by xhafan View Post
Another forum where the new firmware review might appear:

Any luck with garmin xt with the new 22.009 firmware?
Garmin xt works with the e52 (old firmware..) if you deactivate totation and key lock.



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Nokia E52 Issues

I also find the GPS function only work with A-GPS. Once it has found reception you can disconnect from the network and it will work OK after that.

Without A-GPS I only get a signal if i put my phone on the table outside and stand well away from the phone for a few minutes. Pretty poor.

Also my 8 week old phone stopped working after i installed this latest firmware update (mid november 2009) - It worked for 2 days then started crashing lots now it will not switch on.

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GPS E52 works well with new firmware 022.009

Hi folks,

I had problem with GPS on E52.
Everything solved with new firmware installed - no need for AGPS, data connection and so on.

Take care,


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This firmware update is also available OTA now too. I did my E55 earlier in the week that way.
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Moderator: Clean Up Please?

This squall of messages, entertaining though it is, conceals some gems and there is a serious discussion to be had here.

My situation is possibly not typical: I travel internationally a great deal, and having been stung by data roaming charges ($15/Mb) I no longer use a data connection. Wifi does all I need for VOIP etc. Other may have different reasons for not using one.

A-GPS is evidently a great help, but is not available to me. There does seem to be a range of experience in getting GPS to work for the first time.

Perhaps we could restart the discussion by trying to report experience in first / subsequent lock times?

As a first step, I would record that I have been trying to get a lock in the Middle East in hotel, car and open country settings for around 3 days now and have failed to get any form of first lock. The phone has certainly been in the open for longer than 30 minutes at a time.

Phone is an E52, with 22.009 purchased this week.

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Originally Posted by xhafan View Post
Another forum where the new firmware review might appear:

Any luck with garmin xt with the new 22.009 firmware?
try switch from 3d view to track up / north view can minimalize the chance of getting freeze...and use 5.00.60 version...

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E52 issues

Nokia E52-1, Firmware: v.034.001

So here's the thing - I began to install apps on my E52-1. Install them on the memory card and they still take away some memory from the 56MB or so of memory that the pfone starts off with. I was left with less than 10MB of memory after a few week's usage - that's not great. Getting 'low memory' messages on a phone in this day and age is just ridiculous, esp. when there is only one app or so running. So I wanted to see where it went. I hard reset my phone and started installing:

These apps install directly on internal memory without prompting otherwise.

update psiloc world traveller: another 3MB on the internal memory ("other files")
update quickoffice to v.6.2: 8MB of memory taken up! ("other files")
update Ovi maps to v.3.04: 13MB of internal memory (mostly "SIS files")
Escarpod took about 800KB if I remember correctly. Another 8 or so apps installed on the memory card took up about 3MB of internal memory also (Fring: 300KB).

So I'm left with 28MB before I restore my contacts, email and notes etc. I haven't installed the updates from the Softvvare Update such as MS exchange and python etc. Nor maps. If all the 'officially sanctioned' updates insist on being installed on the internal memory, how long can we receive updated for. Or put another way, does this determine the life of the product? No one with this phone wants to be using outdated maps, office app, PDF viewer but these are all taking up precious memory space!!


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