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Old 16-12-2009, 03:56 AM
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10) Sell Android phones (j/k, but not really).

Actually, I agree wholeheartedly that they should have struck deals with a carrier, particularly in NYC and Chicago. T-Mobile was the obvious target before they embraced Android, but Nokia had no phones that played with T-Mobile USA's 3G network. The 5800XM was an obvious phone for a carrier to sell, since it could have been a "free" alternative to the iPhone, but Nokia screwed that up.

I don't know about London, but in the US, Nokia should have done more advertising. I suspect that few people in NYC and even fewer in Chicago even knew the stores existed. A third-tier college bowl game sponsorship would have cost a couple million dollars a year, and probably would have gone a long way toward building awareness. Create some buzz around the phones and make people actually want to go to the stores. Remember, the Apple stores succeeded because Apple had some hot products that came out just as the stores opened (iPod, iBook, OS X).

Apple also has the Genius Bar and regular demonstration events at the stores. Perhaps Nokia needed to do more of the same. Give people a reason to go the stores, even if they aren't buying something that day.

Finally, Nokia probably needed to have fewer, but higher-end models on display. The US stores got flagships like the N95, N97, and N900 a few days before the website, but they were often lost among a sea of cheap phones.

Old 16-12-2009, 03:56 AM
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A Till

No 7 is right on the money.

Old 16-12-2009, 09:37 AM
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I, like the VAST majority of the population, would never even consider stepping into a Nokia store, or an Apple store or any of these pretentious places. So there is little point in them, they are of negligible or negative benefit to Nokia, or even Apple. Waste of time, money and energy. Replace them with something more relevant.

Old 16-12-2009, 05:00 PM
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what's harmed the brand

I disagree that Nokia products have harmed the brand. It's actually Nokia service, which is almost non-existant in some places and cases. That has to be fixed before anything else, especially for Ovi's sake.

There have been products with significant potential that wasn't fulfilled... which is all about service.

Old 16-12-2009, 10:35 PM
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My item in the Pod Delusion podcast called "The Apple Store vs The Nokia Store" gives my comparson of visits to the Nokia and Apples stores, and my views on the subject.

BTW I am not an ipod/iphone owner/fanboy ;-)

Old 17-12-2009, 10:09 AM
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Flagship stores go hand in hand with high-end products. Nokia doesn't have real high-end products anymore, as lately it concentrates on the middle-tier and low-end segments instead. The Regent Street store didn't succeed, and it couldn't have possibly succeeded, no matter how many tweaks/improvement you made to the store experience. Nowadays Nokia phones attract mainly penny-pinchers, who have always been doing their shopping online.
In related news: Nokia isn't closing any of its Vertu stores, global recession notwithstanding.

Old 20-12-2009, 03:20 PM
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Turning the store into a second-rate Starbucks is the worst idea I've heard in a long time. Anyway..... A huge problem is the fact that Nokia don't release phones in a state that is conducive to pick-up-and-play experimentation. As Steve says in The Phone Show 98, if you're looking for a decent (non-buggy) phone then look for one over a year old (as long as it's been well supported by the notoriously unpredictable firmware updates). This is frankly a disgusting situation and one that consumers do not have to put up with. Putting bug-laden, laggy and unfinished release software on full display for the public to grapple with is the problem not the lack of a bean-bag, a semi-potable latte and place to hang out with fellow geeks.

Old 21-12-2009, 07:55 AM
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Some good ideas, and some fair 'look in the mirror' comments. Facts are when opening a store it needs to be on a sure profit returning basis, that way more reinvestment can be made to keep it relevant and exciting. The size of the store in Regents St is too big, it always looks empty even when its not, showcasing everything meant it was a phone focused museum, this was a typical arrogant marketing idea and not a basis for consumer facing retail. I think its good that this lesson seemed to be learnt, if Nokia closes a few loss making stores, if now it looks to open a new breed of stores, which are firstly affordable and secondly taking on many of the good ideas above, none more so, than having focus on smartphones and services and showing people really what Nokia is offering beyond phones, as I don't see anyone out there doing a good job of that.


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