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Nokia 808 - initial review


I got a white nokia 808 pureview last night, here in New Delhi for Rs. 33,800. So wanted to drop in a word of thanks to this forum since I had been following up in AAS about this.

Freebies- backcover with removable flap for the lens (which they say costs Rs.1000), and small cheap backpack.

Backcover is nice, as it takes care of my biggest worry which is scratching the lens. THe backpack is basically some leftover goodies from the Indian Premier League (cricket tournament) which Nokia sponsors.

Where I am coming from- my last nokia was a music expressphone (5310 i think) which I used in 2007 for 6 months. After that I have been using in succession, the cheapest blackberry models which have been made available in India, last one being the 8520. I also have a nokia x1, and GFive (chinese company) as backupphones.

Initial impressions

It is the heaviest phone i have held - probably heavier than a communicator. It is not bigger than the nexus in size.

The menus etc. are much jazzier than my BB but i think the androids, especially some HTC phones have a little more animation going on all the time. Not a big fuss for me since its still an upgrade for me from a BB. the different homescreens and widgets allow you to parade the touchscreen aspect of the phone (you know, by unnecessary sideways flipping of the screens)

Gmail, whatsapp were very easy to set up, and from 1night's usage seem like they work well.

The youtube player seems buggy, as it kept crashing. But I downloaded a youtube downloader from the store, and it worked better than the native youtube player.

The Camera was impressive in the zoom range, and dissappointing the fact that shutter/aperture control is not provided in the native camera menu (for a camera phone this should have been a given - night photos without flash are just not possible without shutter speed control). I downloaded a couple of other camera apps, but none seemed to provide this, which is odd since i had read that n8 had it. Anyways hopefully this is remedied soon.

Web surfing was sufficiently decent, and far better than the BB.

All net usage was on wifi.

These are my initial impressions on 6-7 hours of usage. lets see. For me, if I get full functionality of the camera- what is offerred here should suffice on all other counts.

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Wow, That's nice. Congrats...

Do let me know about these things if you can:

1. The HDMI output, is it in 720p or 1080p?

2. The HDMI output, does it allow you to zoom into pictures. N8 didn't allow it.

3. Audio quality, with and without Dolby... How is it? How does it compare to other sets you owned? (Do name those sets too...)

Thanks and congrats again... Some pics would be great...

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Hi, congrats on your 808 purchase. Since you are into the camera features of the 808, there is supposed to be an option to manually control the ND filter, please verify if this is so.

Also the 808 does not have variable aperture or drop in aperture rings like the N86 but it doe have an ND filter similar to the N8. By dropping in and out the ND filter, we have somewhat control of the shutter speed, and some what semi manual control. It is supposed to be a feature in the 808 whereby you can manually control the ND filter, as opposed to the N8 which the ND was only automatic.

I am hoping someone will make a proper long long exposure feature so that one could use the full resolution is low light with the likes of a tripod to get NON pureview full resolution high detail night landscape shots.

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Samarth 619, HDMI output is almost identical to the N8s.
I haven't checked whether it's 720 or 1080
The sound over hdmi is fantastic - depending on the video source, the phone switches between 2.0 and 5.1 output (48khz PCM)
The video looks the same as the N8..


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