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Download! continues to evolve

Following our observation that the 'price/payment' fields in Download! on all devices had been upgraded and made more sensible, it seems that the main 'Applications' folder in Download! (i.e. the bit that doesn't involve paying Jamster) has now acquired sub-folders, to whit: 'Business', 'Entertainment', 'Social networks', 'Reference', 'Utilities' and 'Widgets'. All interesting stuff, but that Ovi client can't come soon enough for us, with as wide a compatibility as possible. No new apps at this point, but to see the changes, just go into Download! - Applications on your phone.

Read on in the full article.

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Not even close!

Just tried with Nokia 5800 in Finland, using Hungarian SIM card. Most "folders" show me content from, using Hungarian language. All the "New" and "Hot" stuff is music (or ringtones, can't tell the difference).

This really wasn't worth the 2 minutes I used. Have to agree it's improvement from November, when I tried Download app previous time. Unfortunately. For both.

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I think the "speed" of "evolving" just makes this whole Download! embarrassment even more painful to watch...

just imagine ANY real life project with this level of TLC. What's even worse is the fact that this could (should) be a section where people/companies (developers, carriers, anyone and everyone) make money and attract attention to software and hardware.

I'm not saying this is the only element of the symbian experience that makes parts of the platform look very dated, but it has been something to be ashamed of for half a decade now...

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It's still not great but it's a lot more useful now than even six months ago. I've purchased Adobe Reader, QuickOffice, FlyingMoney, a Chinese dictionary, and Phone Wallet from Download, and installed a number of free applications as well (Nokia Internet Radio, Windows Live, Nokia Location Tagger, and WeatherBug).

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I assume this new categorization/folders etc. are related to how the new Ovi Store will be organized.. otherwise, why would they even bother? Unless the Ovi Store roll out to all S60 devices is expected to take a long time (which would not be, unfortunately, terribly new news).

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Still not working on my E90, Applications folder just will not update.

Meh, it's not there will be any payoff to getting it to work from what i've seen.

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"with as wide a compatibility as possible."

It's why they bought trolltech...

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Let me know when

A. It's finished.

B. Jamster have gone.

Until then there is no download! as far as I am concerned.

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This is just a joke. The ovi store better be good....


continues, download, evolve

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