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Old 20-07-2009, 10:51 AM
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Once Upon A Time, There Was A Store Called Ovi

With announcements from many platforms on new developer studios being commissioned, success stories for independent coders, and huge download numbers being related in the media on what seems a daily basis, where is Nokia? Why is the Ovi Store not getting written about? Because unless the Ovi Story is told, developers are not going to want to take part in a software warehouse that appears to be a ghost town. Read on for my take...

Read on in the full article.

Old 20-07-2009, 11:40 AM
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I don't think Store is the right word to describe the Ovi store. In all other stores, you hand over money and receive items in exchange; in Ovi, you can get charged twice for a theme that won't download, and when you email for support you get long uncomfortable silences. Avoid!

Old 20-07-2009, 12:04 PM
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How much of it is that it's still a pain in the beehive to develop games on the Symbian OS and then having to make sure it works across tens of phone models? This is something regularly brought up (and always contasted with the ease of programming for the iPhone), but is still true and if yes, do you see it changing sufficiently with the SF etc.?

Old 20-07-2009, 12:09 PM
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Hi Ewan

Agree 100%. Rather than encourage small developers to the Ovi Store, they are actively discouraging us, by making it so difficult/expensive to add content. You will be aware that RMR Software have been distributing Psion/Symbian programs through lots of outlets/stores on the Web for over 15 years (Handango, SymbianGear....). And yet I don't have my S60 programs available on Ovi Store. Maybe Nokia should ask themselves why?

Old 20-07-2009, 12:17 PM
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Questionnaire to self:

1. HAve I ever looked in the OVI store? Yes

2. Have I ever downloaded something from the OVI store? Yes

3. Have you ever downloaded a paid for item from the OVI store? No, they were all free.

4. Are any of the items that you downloaded from the OVI store still on your phone? No.

5. If the OVI store was effortless to use and all downloads were free or very low cost, do you think you would have used more of its content? No.

6. If there were a greater choice of high quality apps available on the Ovi store would you be more likely to be using those apps? Probably not.

7. What apps are you interested in? A good mail client, and ampping app. Already got the maps and Profimail.

8. Do you still visit the OVI stroe regularly? No, never.

Basically, I was curious to try it out and now I realise there it is of little use then I'm not interested anymore. Interestingly my iPhone using colleague has an almost identical story about his app store use. Except every now and then a little buzz goes round about some cool app, and he goes and tries it. There is no buzz about any Ovi apps.

Old 20-07-2009, 12:22 PM
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Ovi sounds great on paper but in practice it's being sadly let down by inadequate infrastructure. I, like many others, have purchased stuff from Ovi only for the download to fail or there be a fault in the store leading to a 'connection error' being displayed onscreen.
With Apple's app store you get a proper receipt with an online database of your purchases that you can easily raise a query/error with. That way you get a speedy response to any problems with downloads. With Ovi you get a receipt, but if you attempt to raise a query with a failed download you get a stony wall of silence. If you go to the official Nokia discussion pages you will actually find kind hearted Nokia employees who are taking details of posters problems and using internal systems to actually fix the problem liekly in their own time. It's as if they are embarassed by the lack of a more visible and responsive 'customer support' desk in the store.

I had to reformat my 5800 recently and I've decided to not download the Ovi store app as it is an extra I can do without. I'd rather go to vendors and purchase direct from them where there is a more robust and visible backup system i.e. email with a better hope of a response.

The other problem I find with Ovi is the lack of modern looking apps. A lot look like really old grainy games you got on the SNES or Sega Master System. Although retro is good every now and then, today's smartphone owner would like a bit more polish from their apps. Maybe this is because developing apps for these devices is deemed a niche or not profitable enough so not enough is invested? Maybe it's a difficult platform to make apps for? (i'm not a developer so I can't properly comment) Perhaps Nokia needs to have a better front of house for their developer suites?

Ovi has potential...if you think about it everything at the outset has potential. The chance of success for anything depends on the quality of tools and infrastucture given to people in order to make things happen and work well.

Old 20-07-2009, 12:55 PM
Mobile Observer
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Nokia screwed up this in 2006-2007 when they were more than happy to sell S60 phones as feature phones with only 5-7% of buyers to install any application. The extensibility with 3rd party apps wasn't promoted at all. Now when software is that counts not hardware, they have to pay the price.

Old 20-07-2009, 12:56 PM
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Once upon a time I was a happy Ovi Store customer. I spent over 30 euros on the initial offers alone, which to be honest were pretty (let's just say) basic. I was very glad and excited that Nokia had finally managed to offer an app store.

But then everything changed. My phone crashed. The crash was not software related or had anything to do with what I did. I know that, because the Nokia service partner I visited told me that my phone crashed due to a manufactoring problem with my 5800.

3 weeks later, I got my beloved phone back and went straight to the Ovi Store to redownload my expensive apps, only to realize that I had to rebuy all of my previous purchases. Obviously I was pissed. I had spent way over 50 euros on stuff I would never get back.

It's that kind of behaviour that drives people away from the Ovi Store and in my case all of my friends too!

Old 20-07-2009, 12:57 PM
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@unregistered (pls identify yourselves on AAS guys, it won't bite you )

Very interesting, taking a cue from your questionnaire

1. Was I waiting for Ovi Store in great anticipation? Yes

2. Was I sad and angry when ovi store app was available only for touch and 3rd edition was left out? Yes, very much

3. Did I download the app on my N79? Yes, the moment it was available.

4. Did I buy anything from there? No

5. Why didn't I buy anything from there? Because I didn't know what to look for.

6. Is the app still occupying precious space on my card? Hell, no!

7. Has ovi frustrated you enough to ditch Nokia as a phone? Hell, no!

8. Do you miss Ovi store on your phone? No

the basic problem is, Nokia or rather Ovi store doesn;t know how to hype, what to hype in the store. I was clueless when I first logged in. I have lot of 3rd party apps. Handy Taskman, JoikuSpot Premium, IM+, Skyequickey, Gravity, opera, you tube, google maps, wavesecure, handy weather, quickoffice 6, qik.

What do you see in featured, probably apart from Gravity, all are crap, trailors of movies??? What??? I need apps to make my phone more peppy, efficient, I couldn;t find them there.

Ovi files became free, why wasn't it featured?

It did not work for me. Plain and simple. Don;t know about others...

Old 20-07-2009, 02:10 PM
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Last time I used OVI the search engine refused to give any hints thus the apps was available. Secondly, planned to buy JoikuSpot and the price was 10 but after a quick search on the net I found it for $10 instead. Good for me Bad for Nokia!

Old 20-07-2009, 02:20 PM
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Ovi is broken

Badly. I really fail to understand how Nokia allowed the client through their QA. Surely someone must have looked at it and thought "Hang on - this thing takes ages to start up and is painful to use".

On my N86 it takes over 40 seconds of displaying the Ovi logo before it starts to do anything. On my N95 8GB its even worse. I've not tried downloading anything from it for the simple reason that it is far too slow and clunky to use.

I wouldn't mind one bit if the actual act of making a purchase took a bit of time to do security and authentication etc, but for browsing the actual content there is no excuse for such a poorly executed application. All the app needs to do when it starts up is say "I'm a device of type X, give me a content list", then display it. How it manages to perform so badly is a complete mystery to me.

Old 20-07-2009, 02:27 PM
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Good grief, Ovi Store's not even launched in most languages and isn't available by default on most handset firmwares yet, but there are already people on here writing it off!

Give it time for goodness sake! :-)

I agree there are major problems to fix, not least the rather poor store search engine which does its best to hide whatever you're looking for, but that's what a soft launch is all about, to identify all the bugs while the number of users is still relatively small. It's effectively a public beta.

If the problems are still there in one year's time then that's a big worry, but to only be one month into a soft launch... that's no time at all.

If you don't like Ovi Store in its current form vote with your wallet and don't use it. Refusing to buy something is the best way of telling a company what you think of their product. Unlike certain other manufacturers I could mention, Nokia doesn't force you to use their own store, so they are giving you the option of voting with your wallet.

But to say Ovi Store will NEVER be a success just because of problems in its first few weeks... that's just silly.

And what the heck is the rush? Why do people think stuff has to happen NOW NOW NOW or else never happen at all? I'd rather they learn lessons from this soft launch now and get the product done right BEFORE they start advertising it to all and sundry.

Old 20-07-2009, 02:40 PM
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MOSH became OVI store. They (Nokia) said that.

OVI store is more like widget store. Using OVI store via PC or phone is just killing your freetime lol.

That's why I have commented critically AAS arcticles (way too many) about OVI.

OVI that, OVI this and OVI everywhere.

How about us? We are users and customers...

Old 20-07-2009, 03:20 PM
Mr Mark Mr Mark is offline
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I dunno. I have some good apps from Ovi and some good apps from other sources (Google, Shozu, etc). It depends what you're looking for and where you choose to look.

The huge advantage the iPhone's app store has just now is that it's all under one roof so the casual user can just select what they want. Interestingly though, having checked what was on my iPhone owning friends' phones this weekend it's pretty much the same dozen or so apps or their near equivalents as are on my 5800.

I guess the truth is that there really aren't that many apps that people use continuously.

Old 20-07-2009, 03:38 PM
Ramine Darabiha
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DS piracy?

I agreed with most of your article.

However, I had a problem with this:
"DS piracy is not talked about". Excuse me?

DS piracy has received massive publicity.

R4 DS carts have been publicly available in Japan for several months, and could be bought in most video game shops! They were made illegal just recently. You can even buy them in vending machines!

DS flash carts have been covered in the West as well, for example in every large gaming media, including Edge magazine, or blogs such as Joystiq or Kotaku.


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