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N97 Anticipation Thread

Right. My contract comes up for renewal at the end of Feb.

The rumourmongers claim a March 31st release date on the N97. Does anybody know if there's a sniff of truth to the rumours?

Is anybody else drooling at the thought of the N97?

I wan't one now, and in lieue of it having it's on forum already, I'm going to whine about it here instead!

(Ok, I'm done)


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yeah, looks really good....

It's announced for the first half of 2009, so you're probably talking September!

You could create a widget for it tho... and just win one!

Our contracts are up too end of Feb but sadly I think it would be too long to wait.

N97 Forum is in motion too BTW

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Well, el Reg caught a screen cap of listing it as March 31st, at 479.99. I'd include a link, but I'm too much of a newbie user and am not trusted to do such things on this forum yet. Google "theregister n97 play" and it's the first result (at the time of typing).

Looking forward to it myself. My N95 8Gb is out of contract now, and always deserved a higher res screen. Am trying not to join the dark side and buy an iPhone for 2 or 3 months, but the lure of unlocking it and flogging it on eBay for more than I paid for it is proving hard to resist.

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It'll be interesting to see Steve Lichfield's review when he gets a prototype for The Phones Show. It looks good but the UI they show on the promotional video doesn't look that snazzy in real life.

There's a new video of it doing the rounds. Look at this.

The Nokia N97 In All Its Glory!

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Although I do want to purchase the N97 when it's available (regardless of the fact that I am in Canada, I will pay upwards of $800 CAD for one as that's what I paid for my N95). I'm wondering on whether the N97 just has the one ARM11 processor onboard or a dual processor structure like the N95 has. I have tried to use a Blackberry device and found it characteristically slow/sluggish in comparison to the N95. Because of all the features of the N95, which look to be carried over to the N97, it needs this dual processor format and I am hoping that they keep that set up in the N97 for that reason.

Really, the N97 looks to bring a touch screen, support for .WMV video format and a change in style. There isn't more in terms of upgrades from the N95 that I can see. The whole spin on this location based social-networking stuff does not appeal to me and isn't an upgrade per-say but I am wanting to see what this new "compass" feature is all about.

All-in-all, the N97 looks like a revamped, touch version of the N96 and that might be enough to get me over from the N95 considering all the hype in the mobile market is based around the touch screen.

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