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N95 general setup and beginner help...

Hi all,

Got the new phone eventually, couple of questions RE: Vodafone and internet connectivity etc.

How do you guys generally connect to Internet?

The phone came with some weird settings under the connections Access Points:

Business Email
Contract Email
Contract Internet
Contract MMS
Contract WAP
PAYT Email
PAYT Internet

Firstly I have no idea what they mean, and secondly, I have no idea what they do! I cannot remove, delete or even see any of their settings as they are locked out.

I can't seem to connect to the internet with anything other than:

VfISP - which I got from the Nokia Website. The phone does have 3G capability, but I don't think I get coverage where I live...

Does GPRS and 3G swap based on whether 3G has coverage? I.e. if 3G is available will it automatically use that?

I have successfully connected to my own Exchange Server (hosted at home) but for the love of god I cannot actually send email, receiving it is not a problem but it just doesn't do anything when trying to send it (I can setup POP3 access from any Outlook client in the world and send email using my server, just not this phone!) - and yes, I've double and triple checked my settings.

Any clues?

How do you guys have your phones setup and would anyone be able to offer me a walk through guide for a total idiot on Internet access on this phone via the various methods? (I have got the Wireless connection figured out though!!)

Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time out to help me, all I want is a clear picture in my head of how this thing is supposed to work .

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Those access points are configured through your network and are network specific (i dont have them on my network).

Your phone will not automatically switch between gprs and 3g service modes on the fly while you're using them.

If you are able to connect via wifi on your own router, that is the best method to surf with as you avoid any data charges.

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of course the phone will automatically switch between 3g and gprs if there is no 3g coverage. the phone will use 3G if its available, and if its not, then it will use regular GSM.

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In order to send email you have to set your network providor's smtp server address. Your mail is sent throught their servers not your email service smtp.
Go to settings and change this to get your emails going.
Check here
And use the GPRS settings

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