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Nokia n95 album/map in gallery?

Hi to all Nokia n95 enthusiasts,

A question I would like to set is:

Does N95 have maps or albums in gallery, because in my old N80 i havemore than 400 photos and if I want to view the 204th i have to browse all previous to 204th to see the one I want. It's very inconvenient, especially if you want to view a photo quickly. If they were in albums/maps it would be much easier and faster and organised. If there is such a program to organise photos even for N80 could anyone tell me where to download it. There is a default option to organise photos in albums in N80 but when you view them in gallery there are all photos you have in the memory shown.

Thanks for any helpful info.


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Yes, the N95 is the same and very annoying indeed, it was the same on my N70 and i had hoped Nokia had sorted it out for the new N95 but no.

Why you cant generate your own folders in the gallery and move pictures and videos around is beyond me, i have loads of tomtom thumbnails and map pictures and have to look through these to find an old picture i may have took!!! i know there is a program you can download to "hide" the pictures that you dont want to see in the gallery but you really should not have to do that, anyway i dont want to hide certain pics from the gallery just index them eg, football, holiday, family..... etc etc

rant over

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Hi all,

I just discovered a much easier way of hiding photos and video's from your gallery without the need for any additional software.

Connect your N95 and open up PC Suite then open the file manager select Memory card then My Videos and open it, now open either your Video or Images folder select what you want to hide click cut and then paste it in the My Video folder that's it. The Video's or images are now in the My Video's folder and no longer appear in the Gallery. Now amazingly when you open the My videos folder from the Multimedia key they are still not visible the only way to find them is by using the file manager and then selecting My Video's on the memory card so if you have things that you really don't want people to see unless they know exactly where to look they can not be accidentally stumbled upon IMO. This will also work for getting rid of the Maps images from Tom Tom without stopping it from working. Hope you find this helps.


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The N95 does have albums, such use as they are.

Resco Photo Viewer does that job we all want the phone software to do, but of course you have to pay extra for it.
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