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outrageous data plan!

i'm not sure how unlimited data works in europe or in the states, so let me know if you live in any of the two areas adn how your wireless services work compared to what i'm about to share.

i live in canada, and i hate the wireless monopoly of rogers wireless. they are the ONLY gsm carrier in canada (since taking over the lesser competition).

recently, rogers released the nokia n95-4, because they're the only one who can. i am astounded by the lack of information i could get from both sale associates and corporate tech support.
i was mainly concerned about the unlimited data plan they are marketing the nseries device with and this is what i could find,
nevermind what's included, but look at what they are not supporting:

"What is not included in the plan?

-Tethering - tethering is when you use your phone as a wireless modem to connect to the Internet. The phone can be connected via cable, or infrared Bluetooth. Once connected, you can access the Internet wirelessly on your laptop using the Rogers Wireless network.

-Non-Rogers Certified applications that you download to your device via Rogers Rogers Mobile Internet Browser like Yahoo! Go, Google Maps, Opera Mini, Mobile Firefox, Mobile Checkbook, Mobile Bartender, or Daily Comics.

-Non-Rogers Applications already embedded on your device. Use of applications supplied by the device manufacturer that are pre-loaded on the Nokia N95 such as Nokia Maps

(nokia maps barely uses data, agps takes only 5 kb at the most. they would still rather support the rogers native telenav service which is even more data intensive)

, Ngage games, Nokia Music Player and others including:

RoadSync Email
Yahoo! GO
N95 Games
Nokia Internet

("Enjoy full HTML browsing experience and rich media content with Rogers Vision"

this feature is quoted twice on the n95 product page but when you read the fine print on the rogers vision unlimited data plan, it says:

"Important: Plan includes unlimited on-device mobile browsing using the Rogers Mobile Internet Browser only and is only available on select Rogers certified devices ..."

the rogers mobile internet browser only supports wap and the interface is the exact same wap browser from from regular phones. it is extremely unfriendly and frustrating to use, let alone browse.)

Data roaming charges apply, in addition to regular subscription or plan fees when accessing the mobile Internet while roaming outside the Rogers GPRS/EDGE/HSPA network. Please visit the Data Roaming Calculator for more information."

this imo is very disappointing from what is supposed to be "canada's most reliable network" when one can't even rely on the info provided by marketing AND fine print.

i apologize for any wrong spelling, post your thoughts...

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my personal experience using Rogers UMB on Nokias

Hello guys,

here is my personal experience with the UMB plan... I'm using the Socialite 20 plan which includes the UMB.

I came from the caribbean were we have prepaid unlimited blackberries, prepaid plans for a very good price... so I feel sorry for you guys here in canada, here companies are thieves, not only that: they run a pretty lame monopoly against customers.

Well, been said that, the Socialite 20 UMB works fine with my unlocked Nokia 5800 I brought with me.

Here is a list of the apps I'm able to use:
-the default browser (i can even go to youtube through the browser)
-Google maps
-Ovi maps
-Nimbuzz chat
-Gravity (twitter, facebook and foursquare client)

Apps that simply dont work:
-the mail (default, not the mail4exchange)
-ebuddy, Windows Live Messenger or Palringo IM apps.
-Fring, skype or any VoIP app.

So it works good on basically the apps I most use.

Now here is the thing. I manage to get a Nokia N97 mini, Rogers branded. And when I put my SIM on it, it simply refuses to browse or use the UMB plan.
The browser takes me to a landing page asking to upgrade to a "single day internet-pass" for $2.99 for only 20mb which I think is stupid.

I dont know if they tie the IMEI or if they put some sort of blocking into the branding... i dont know as it is the first time I've seen this kind of blocking.

Take into account that the UMB plan still works fine in the Nokia 5800, so I wont recommend to buy anything branded from them... well, I you receive the phone free as some kind of bonus... stay away from branded phones.

My next step is unbranding the N97 mini, just to see if can be solved. I will keep you guys posted until then.


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