All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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this would be an awesome option for travelers using the BT keyboard and the TV out on the big screen. i would imagine that the best function a mouse could provide in the browser is the increments which we already get from using the D pad. though i still wonder if it would be easier. the touchpad sounds like a great idea. at the very least, i think a BT keyboard can be used with TV out, and then just use the arrow keys for browsing. this is the closest the n95 can come to a full mobile computer/laptop replacement. and its not too shabby really.

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gsrider, I'm looking for the same thing. If you find anything useful, please share

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Trackball Keyboard

Hi all. I too am interested in an all in one keyboard and mouse or trackball mouse. I am happily using my lcd tv as a monitor along with the cables that came with the N95 and then using N95 Wifi to connect to the net thereby turning my loungeroom TV into a web browser. I've had a look at the Microsoft Desktop 7000 which looks like exactly what I'm after, but I'm concerned about two things. 1. Whether it will be able to communicate with the symbian system on the N95
2. Whether the BLuetooth technology for between the phone and the keyboard will interfere with the wifi connection between the home modem and the phone.
From threads posted here, it doesn't sound like it would be able to work but has anyone used the Nokia foldaway keyboard while simultaneously using the wifi connection? Any difficulties with this?

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I could imagine that WM would be able to work with a bluetooth mouse, as it supports touch screen, which maps well to a mouse.

However S60 on the N95 is totally based around keyboard input - I seriously can't' see how it could support a mouse without a total re-write of the operating systems core functionality.

Keyboard is fine, as thats just an extension of what already exists on the phone, but the mouse - totally different thing.

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What about for the Nokia 5800 touch screen? Now this would be absolutley fantastic if
become available for the new S60V5 Symbian Platform, even if it only navigated the internet it would be fantastic, id certainly be willing to pay for it!

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There is already an app that uses BT Mouse/Keyboard

Yes.. thats right.. there is already a program that uses a BT Keyboard AND MOUSE.

What is it?

The ports of QUAKE 3 (and recently the updated versions of Q1 and Q2).

Hinkka wrote some HID drivers to talk to both Keyboard and mouse.. so you can now use the mouse to play..

I am not sure - but in theory, can be used towards doing something within the OS GUI.. Then again, the Innov8 already has this functionality.. so nothing is impossible I guess.

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thats certainly very very interesting indeed!
It would have to work for the S60 web browser with a on screen coursor, dont think it would be incredibly hard at all. Im doing programming at college at the moment but im not sure if its even possible to hack the S60 browser and add this functionality! i think the developers would have to support it .....
Is this right??


bluetooth, mouse, n95, usb

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