From S60 to iPhone

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Guest writer Matt Radford brings us his impressions of the Apple iPhone after a lifetime of S60 use, from Nokia 7650 to N70. Although the transition would have been even more apt if he'd gone from something more up to date like an N95, it's still a terrifically interesting comparison and a good read.

"I’ve been a contented Symbian user since the Nokia 7650 was released. The continually expanding capabilities and easy sync with my Mac kept me loyal to the OS, but on November 9th  this year I swallowed the £269 upfront fee and switched from my N70 to an iPhone. When I met Steve in the queue at my local Carphone Warehouse in Woodley, I happily agreed to write down my thoughts on how the experience (1) of owning and using an iPhone differs from the Symbian devices I’ve owned."

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